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“I believe the world is incomprehansively beautiful –
an endless product of magic and wonder.”
— Ansel Adams

Conserving the Spirit of Yosemite: Ansel Adams’ Early Years in the Sierra Club

Through Ansel’s striking images, the outdoors are transformed from an abstract concept—a world beyond our suburban cul-de-sacs or crowded city streets—into a reality. Here, in his photographs, are our lonely mountains, here are our rugged cliffs, here are our rushing rivers.

There is perhaps no photographer in American history who stood for the ethos of stewardship for our shared environment…read more

From an interview by Yale University Press and Rebecca Senf, Chief Curator at the Center for Creative Photography and author of the new book, “Making a Photographer: The Early Work of Ansel Adams,” Rebecca states:

“I think that understanding Adams’s early work and career provides a more nuanced record of his development as an artist, and credits him with his active role in reflecting on and incorporating lessons he learned as a young photographer into his process. Appreciating the range of work he did in the first part of his life also creates a useful picture… Read the full interview

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