Our Represented Artists

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Yosemite Artwork from the Source

The Ansel Adams Gallery represents not only Ansel Adams but also over 20 artists whose artwork embodies the stunning landscape and soul that is Yosemite National Park and the American West. Several of our represented photographers are former assistants of Ansel Adams or students.

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Current Artwork Exhibit at The Ansel Adams Gallery in Yosemite National Park

Ansel Adams and the Spirit of Yosemite
April 11 – June 5, 2021

Step into the Sierra Nevada’s “Range of Light,” a great expanse of natural beauty with snow-capped peaks, shimmering alpine lakes, and vast pine forests. In our Gallery’s new exhibition, “Ansel Adams and the Spirit of Yosemite,” we invite you to witness this majestic landscape through a collection of striking original photographs. Through these photographs by Ansel Adams, we enter a pristine and unknowable wilderness, watching as its treasures reveal themselves to us. As we do, we are transported to another world.

Please enjoy the first of three exhibition catalogs, featuring some of Ansel Adams’ finest work of his beloved Yosemite. Prices for original photographs typically range between $ 4,000 and $70,000 depending on size, condition, scarcity and provenance. For inquiries about these photographs or any other originals, contact Brittany Moorefield, Director of Photography Sales by email at originals@anseladams.com or by phone at (857) 523-8100.